Monday, 19 October 2009

How Weekends Should Be

Oooh it's been a lovely weekend, just perfect after a busy week at work!

On Saturday we ventured up to see Ally, Steve and Elise, to help celebrate Elise's 6th birthday. We had a great time! A lovely meal (prepared by our very own Stevie B, who knew!) and a lot of laughing and me and Ally actually managed, for once, not to drink a vineyard dry! Unfortunately I forgot my camera (smiles sweetley at Ally Andbag in the hope she'll email pics!).

Thanks to the Sandbags for a fab day!

On Sunday I decided we all needed to get out for some fresh air. So, we wrapped up (the Autumn chill has definately kicked in this weekend!) and headed off to Oakwell Hall where me and Rob got married all those eons ago. There's a nature trail around the grounds so we went off to find what leaves, pine cones etc we could find.

It looked beautiful with all the different colours and we all had a lovely afternoon and found lots of things to bring home:

Though didn't have a bag big enough for these leaves!

Of course, once we got home it was Harry Potter Sunday, so we settled down to film 4 (and I think my favourite), but I think all the excitement and fresh air was too much for some:

Hope next weekend's just as good!

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Marie said...

Awwww bless Billy Jim all crashed out. Too cute. Glad you had a nice walk (you're a braver woman than me going out in that cold!).

Hurrah for Emily on the diving btw. I read your post this morning but couldn't comment from work (stupid bloody IT nerds! Grrrr).