Thursday, 3 September 2009

What I Learnt So Far...

So, it's day 3 of Shimelle's LSNED class and here's what I've learnt so far.

1st Sept I learnt that sometimes things aren't as complicated as they look. As blogged the other day, I knitted Steggy and it was so much easier than it looked. A week ago I would have been petrified of attempting this but it just goes to show that if you try something, it can be easier than it looks!

2nd Sept was my first day back at work so I learnt a lot. However, I chose this exercise we did about a goldfish bowl. We were asked to draw a goldfish bowl, that was the only instruction; then we passed them to someone else to mark. It was only then that we were given the marking criteria which was to include fish, plants, pebbles, waterline etc. The point being that you need to tell the kids what you expect before and they can't attain 100% unless you tell them that. I thought it was a good way of showing us that.

Today's prompt is to do with feet. Not sure if I want to take a pic of my hobbit plates of meat!


Marie said...

Great pages and I love the goldfish task, very cool.

Please don't scrap photos of the hobbit feet though - I read your blog at tea time you know :P

Clair said...

Loving the pages Lou. I'm hoping for quality scrap time tomorrow to finish mine off :)

{ Emma } said...

Great pages and love steggy, he's cool!

Very funny about the goldfish bowl, cool thing to scrap as otherwise it's the sort of thing easily forgotten.


Mary said...

Smashing pages and just love Steggy!

Karen said...

Brilliant pages and love the steggi