Thursday, 17 September 2009

Messy (But Fun!) Pre-Birthday Preparations

I decided it might be fun for the kids to help with some of the birthday stuff. Xander's not going to nursery tomorrow as he has a fun day out planned with his fave little cousin Evie, so I thought I'd send some buns in for all the kids at nursery today instead.

So, yesterday teatime I set the kids to work! While Emily sifted flour Xander set out the bun cases (lots of different colours, just to cause arguments (mwahahaha!)):
He and Emily then spooned the mixture into the bun cases, which they loved as it was all gloopy!

Mummy put them in the oven as Xander kept reminding me a la Big Cook Little Cook that the oven was 'hot, hot, hot!' and the kids got to work on cleaning the bowls:

After tea it was time to decorate the buns, so mummy poured on the melted chocolate and Xan and Em added some Smarties:

And how excited was Xander this morning when he realised that he got to take them for all his friends!

I hope they all enjoyed them! On further baking news, the birthday cake is in the oven and smells fab! Fingers crossed I can make it look something like a carpark!


Juicy3675 said...

I cant wait to see this cake... how on earth are you going to make a car park?? lol

Mine want Charlie and Lola cake.. I have a feeling they might not get that. xx

kim & co. said...

I love pictures of kids baking :)

And I think its hilarious that he wants a car park (that is where you park the cars, right? We call it a parking lot.)

Clair said...

I still think that 'cleaning' the bowl is the best bit about making cakes. Yum!