Saturday, 5 September 2009

More Lessons Learnt

Another couple of pages from LSNED class. I think a lot of these pages are going to be about starting work again and all the rollercoaster emotions etc that come with that!

On Thursday, the prompt suggested thinking about your feet and what they do for you. I had my first back to work wobble on Thurs and was very tempted at one stage to do a runner! Fortunately I didn't, I just rode it out and so I congratulated my feet for keeping me grounded:

Yesterday I was driving home thinking about how different my time has been with the kids over the last few days. I've gone from 6 weeks of screaming at them and tearing my hair out 24/7 to having a few precious hours a day where I'm just loving their company. I miss them so much while I'm at work so as soon as I get home we're on a great footing!

So, the weekend, away from work, wonder what non-work lessons there are for me?


Clair said...

Love these pages Lou. You're totally rocking.

Clair x

PS. That photo on Day 4 is fab!

Anonymous said...

Love your pages! I remember how precious the time with the childen at home after work was.