Saturday, 12 September 2009

My Week In LSNED

Well, what a week it's been! I could have filled the LSNED journal every day with this learning curve, no make that learning vertical line, I've been on. Long story short, I quit the job! Not one to normally give up so easily but there were lots of health issues that occurred when faced with teenagers telling you that if they see you in the street they're going to kick you in the head, so I'm out! Here's the LSNED pages that illustrate my week:

Monday - first day with my new class. We went to the form room and it took me about 30 seconds to realise this:
There is not a cat in hell's chance that I ever want to deal with these obnoxious, rude, disrespectful little gits! I've been a teenager, I know that they're moody, a bit attitudey and that life basically isn't fair to them, but this lot were a different breed! I only hope that my own children will never show such a blatant lack of respect to their teachers, I would be mortified to think they ever did.

On to Tuesday, I then had my form for Maths along with a new teacher Mark. The poor guy! He was so confident, well planned etc for the lesson and they were awful! I gave out 2 detentions, countless written and verbal warnings and no work got done. Afterwards Mark and I went back to the staffroom and my heart was pounding. Uh-oh, not good. The problem was it wouldn't slow down and I got worried. The odd bit of excitement/stress can't be helped and palpitations will happen, but this wasn't slowing down and I had to do some quick thinking. I went to see the non-teaching organiser and told her I couldn't deal with that class. They said they'd reorganise stuff so I didn't have to.

Lesson learnt on Tuesday though is this:

Whatever decisions I make in the future, my heart condition is going to have to be pivotal in whatever I decide. I don't ever want to end up back in that hospital due to a job, nothing's worth that.

Wednesday I went in all refreshed and ready to kick arse. I walked in the form and screamed at my class! 'I am ashamed, it is unacceptable, it will NOT happen again will it Year 8' etc etc. The little ASBOs actually shut up and said 'No Miss!' Wow, turn around! We went to Maths and they were good as gold. So, maybe yesterday was a one off then?

The prompt for today was to look at the small things you are grateful for. I love my coffee but this week it has been particularly useful for getting me through the day. I also love this thermos mug I got at Disneyland, sums me up on a morning perfectly! Journalling reads:

Today I learnt that I'm grateful for the simple pleasures that get me through the day, like a good coffee.

However, by Wednesday afternoon, after another 2 bad classes I quit. 3 heart episodes in a week is not good and I don't have the luxury of giving it longer to see if it'll get better. They asked me to stay on to the end of the week.

Thursday morning and I had some lovely classes. I was in with the advanced students and the job is so much different when the kids want to learn. Had I made a mistake resigning? Then, after lunch, we had Maths with my newly reformed angelic form...oh my god! What a nightmare! Mark and I spent all lesson shouting, handing out detentions etc. I went back to the staffroom a wreck, couldn't go to my next class (who I'd had a nightmare with the day before). I looked at my timetable for Friday, 4 out of 5 lessons with bad classes. My heart was pounding, I was feeling ill and I could see that hospital getting nearer and nearer. I sent an email saying I would be taking Friday off sick!

So, comes home to my Shimelle prompt, to learn something from your house, something you see everyday. My house was looking so inviting after the last few days and I could have scrapped about the whole place! However, that night I went to bed and Salem came up with me. I hadn't really noticed that he plans his sleeps around me and always comes for a cuddle when I get into bed. After a awful few days it was just what I needed and decided he deserved to be in the famous LSNED journal! Notoriously hard to picture being a black cat it did take a few goes to get decent pics of him, but it turned out fine. Journalling reads:

It's not the soft furnishings that make my house so comfortable. Although the soft furnishings on my bed are very comfortable, it's the addition of Salem that make it lovely and cozy!

So, onwards and upwards! I have a plan but that's for today's page (ie, what I learnt yesterday). plus busy day today as a certain person in our house gets further down that slippery slope to 40, so there'll be plenty to blog about tomorrow!


Clair said...

Aww Lou. I am so sorry for you - but if someone understands that leaving a job is not the end of the world it's me! I really hope that everything works out for you. Drop me a line if you need to talk about anything x

Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing your traumatic week. You're right, it is definitely not worth jeopardising your health for a job. Hope the rest of your September you can learn nicer lessons.

Marie said...

Great pages Lou. I know you were torn about the job and feeling you were letting people down but its SOOOO not worth risking your health for hun. Onwards to new more relaxing employment I say.

Hope Bobbin's has had a good birthday. Make sure you kick his arse on GH tonight won't you ;)

kim & co. said...

Lou, I'm sorry that it has been such an awful week. I've worked as a substitute teacher in all grades, and I know how hard they can be on new teachers (and sometimes old ones too!) Take care of yourself--and keep telling us all about what you learn. I am loving hearing about this class and may have to sign up next year!

Lou said...

Awww, thanks for all the support everyone. People have been so understanding which has helped me when I've had the 'oh my god what have I done' moments!

This class is so great for getting everything down on paper though, very therapeutic! :)

Lou said...
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Jinnag said...

So sorry to hear about your tough week! But health always comes first - and remember when on door closes another one opens.
Take care.

Ladkyis said...

As long as you feel better now you have made the decision then it is the right decision. You must put your health first. good luck with "the plan"