Sunday, 6 September 2009

Mummy Multi-Tasking

One thing I've let slide in the last week or so is the exercise. There just aren't enough hours in the day at the moment! However, with this wonky blood pressure of mine it's important I get some exercise in. I'm no longer doing the school run on foot (it literally doesn't open early enough for me to walk there and back and get to work on time!) so I'm relying on my old trusty Wii Fit to keep me fit.

The trouble with the Wii Fit is Xander loves it and will fight to the death to get on it. As I don't really want to spend my weekends away from the kids if I don't have to, I don't want to banish him while I go on it, so I came up with an idea...

We have some body fat monitors upstairs that look a little like a Wii board. Xander likes weighing himself on it so I know he loves to play on it. So, down I brings it, gave him a Wii control and switched it on. Hurray, 40 minutes of keeping fit and lovely fun mummy/son time!

Yay, I am the multi-tasking queen!

Tomorrow...spending quality time with Em while sat on the loo! :P


Marie said...

That is so cute!!!!!! Bless him with his own little Wii Fit board. Good thinking Batman! :)

Polly said...

Great idea - do you think I would be able to use the same trick on my husband?

Your LSNED pages are fab by the way - you're really balancing the pictures and patterend paper with the old book back ground. This is something I'm still struggling with but am feeling inspired now, thanks!

kim & co. said...

I love it! Such a great idea :)