Monday, 28 September 2009

This Week I Will Be Mainly...

... doing pretty much exactly what I did last week!

Still on with the assignment but it's coming together. Have written the main body of the text so am just going through and adding more references. Then I need to write an intro and a conclusion, then it's proof reading, bibliographies, finding some poor sod to read it through for me (Rob, you know it's you!).

I will also be carrying on with the job applications, though it seems pretty fruitless. They just don't believe that when you've got a degree you want to go work as a TA for tuppence ha'penny an hour! But, I will keep trying. Tomorrow I'm going to a meeting to see about applying for a Primary GTP (Graduate Teacher programme) next September. It's where you do teacher training but on the job. It's very competitive but you don't know if you don't try right?!

On Saturday we have a wedding to go to, Rob's friend from work Rose. I also know Rose as she's a fellow heart patient so we've talked quite a bit. It was supposed to be an 'all day drinking, staying in a hotel' job as we're going with our friends Mandy and Nick. However, after yesterday's hangover (drinking with Gem's best mate Adele; should have known our Gem only has friends who can attempt to keep up with her and Dave!), I've decided a hangover 2 days before the biggest assignment of my life has to be posted off probably ain't such a good idea! So it's a 'save £50 on a hotel and drive' do now!

On Sunday, I have plans for this:

With the Autumn cooler weather coming in fast now, I decided to make Sundays 'Harry Potter Sundays' where we spend the with curtains drawn, get the blanket out and veg infront of a Harry Potter film. We started yesterday on film 1 and so have another 4 weeks until we're done (unless number 6 comes out on dvd before then) then I will change it to something like Toy Story Sunday. Was going to go for LOTR Sundays but the chances of either of my kids sitting through 4 hours of Orcs isn't too promising!
So there you go, hopefully a queitish week. Hope everyone else has a lovely week!


Clair said...

Can I come over for Harry Potter Sunday please? x

Lou said...

LOL, of course you can! As long as you bring popcorn and a big bag of Revels! :P

Marie said...

ROFLMAO. Love it!! That's a great Gillard family tradition. Good thinking Batman! :)