Saturday, 19 September 2009

Birthdays, Dinosaurs, Chameleons and Reindeers!

Xander had a wonderful birthday yesterday. The day started with presents including his brand new shiny car park:
Then he and I headed off to Ponderosa rare breeds farm with Auntie Laura and his fave little cousin, Evie. We saw some cool animals: there was a chameleon having breakfast:

Baby snakes eating mice that were twice their size:

And while we were eating our picnic, a reindeer came to say hello (apparently Ponderosa look after them while Santa spends the year making all the toys ;)):

Afterwards (and after an afternoon nap) we headed out for tea with Grandma, Nanna, Auntie Gemma and Uncle Dave, then it was back to ours for more pressies. The biggest hit with the adults had to be T-Rex:

Though it did go a bit pear-shaped when it terrorised the brand new shiny car park and ate the helicopter:

Then it was time for bed for a very tired 3-year-old, dressed in brand new PJs from Evie and snuggling up with monkee:

...and Steggy:

Today's the party, fancy dress! Watch out tomorrow for pirates, princesses and a rrther muscular birthday boy!

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