Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The Simple Things...

Long time since I've done a list. My life is hectic at the moment but sometimes it's worth reflecting on the little things that make life worthwhile. here's a little list of the small things that keep me sane:

1. Watching Xander sleeping. I go in every night and marvel at how blooming perfect he is! I do go into Emily too but a) she's in a cabin bed and can't see her too well without throwing a hip out, and b) she always sleeps with bum facing the door - trying to tell us something Em?!

2 - On the bed theme, I love going to bed and reading my book - it's the best part of my day!

3 - Costa Coffee. Even though I've given up on the cappuccinos with maple syrup (for now!), I still love a good strong Americano in a mug with 2 handles!

4 - Girl sleepovers with Em. The holidays are upon us so time for me and Em to have a girly sleepover, even though she's making me watch Princess Protection Programme!

5 - Playdates. OK, the summer holidays are a PITA, but the kids having playdates means I get to catch up with all my buddies too!

Right, back to another simple pleasure: scrapbooking! Haven't done any in ages so am determined to complete a layout tonight. Watch this space....

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