Saturday, 18 July 2009

Potty Training...Xander Style!

It's less than 6 short months until Xander will start nursery class up at school (sniff!). However, they can only go if they're potty trained which is a problem as all our previous attempts to get the boy to do anything on the potty other than watch tv has somewhat failed.

However, we had a success last week when we (surprisingly easily) got rid of the dummy (or 'mimi' as Xander would say on a constant loop!), so we thought we'd roll with it and give potty training another go over the summer holidays. So yesterday we were at home for most of the day (due to the blooming monsson we seemed to have!) so gave it a go. I let him choose his pants (Bob The Builder coming out on top!) and off we went. But, my son being my son had to do it his own way, so in tribute to the downpour outside, he spent most of the day like this:

(why do kids ALWAYS put they're shoes on the wrong feet?). Eeeh, I was amused! So, did we have success? Oh yes - 8 wees on his potty which Xander was very proud of, even to the point of carrying his potty full of wee all the way upstairs to show me! Luckily, we've stocked up on carpet shampoo!

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