Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Finally...An Equation With an Answer I Like!

Like I've not told anyone yet but... I've got a job! Very strange how it came about, here's the story:

I had actually given up looking for anything temporary for next year, I'd also decided to go for a secondary school teacher training course as the competition for primary places is ridiculous. I was going to get my application done on Sunday night and was just about to text the teacher I currently work with, Anouska, to ask if she'd mind writing me a reference when... my phone beeps...it's Anouska! Doo doo doo doo!

She says she's sending me a copy of the reference she's just written for my interview tomorrow. I text back 'er, what interview?'. So she rings and she's had a letter asking for a reference for a job interview I have on Monday, first I knew! So, Monday morning comes and I ring the contact at the school early at 7.50 to say I haven't recieved the letter but I am available, could she just tell me what time my interview is...



Do you know what my bloggy pals? I made it! With 2 minutes to spare (but rather dishevelled hair!)!

Anyway, it was a full morning sat with 9 other applicants in the staff room while we got called in one-by-one to first of all teach for 20 minutes, then an interview. When I got into the interview they informed me I wasn't being interviewed for a teaching assistant post but for a Maths Mentor that also has to teach! Er, but my degree's in English and graphic Design. Well, can you add up? Well, I got a B at GCSE in Maths.

Anyway, I only get a phonecall at 2.55 to say I got it! Could have knocked me down with a feather! So, as of September I'll be partly responsible for 1060 teenagers' Maths skills, god help them!


Rach said...

OMG that's fab news hun! Congratulations! I'll be sending Charl your way when she gets stuck on her maths homework :D xx

Ann Booth said...

Well Done Lou - you can tell me more when we meet tomorrow

Jaime said...

what a whirlwind!! fabulous news in the end - well done! and lots of luck when you start! :)