Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Good Life!

You can always tell when I'm on a part of my course I don't like; the blog posts increase! I keep having coffee breaks so I can split up the analysis of Romeo & Juliet (zzzzzzzz....).

Anyway, my husband has decided to go all Tom and Barbara Good on us and start to produce our own veg. He created a veg patch 2 months ago....and there's still actually nothing planted in it! Apparently he has a plan! However, my dad gave us a tomato plant just before we went away and it's come along lovely! On Sunday we had our first harvest of tomatoes and they were gorgeous! Couldn't believe how much better they tasted than the ones you buy in Asda (with the credit crunch, we've had to go back to full on chemical, growth hormone packed ones rather than organic!).

Obviously I say 'we' in the loosest term. I'm not even allowed to glance at the plants as I seem to have an uncanny knack of killing them without even touching them! However, soon I will be donning wellies, hand knitted jumpers and making my own dandelion wine. Just need to work out which of my friends will play the Margo Leadbetter part (could it be you? Do you have a kaftan?!)

Right, back to Juliet, apparently she can't find Romeo!


OK, so it wasn't Romeo & Juliet, it was Macbeth! Never going to pass am I? 'Do you want fries with that?!'


Rach said...

Romeo & Juliet - Macbeth - what's the difference! Same author!

Fab looking tomatoes. I want to grow some stuff too, but I haven't even sorted out any space to grow anything, so doing think much will be happenening here anytime soon!

Lou said...

You can be forgiven Rach, too busy growing babies this year weren't you?! x

Juicy3675 said...

we're growing broad beans in the back garden... I can't remember why cos nobody actually likes them!!! We got an apple tree too we get lots of that and we have a grandad with an allotment so we're lucky, havent had to buy veg from morrisons for ages!!! x