Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The Lightweight and the Gatecrasher

So, yesterday was Emily and mine's girly sleepover day. So, at 3pm I was frogmarched upstairs to get my PJs on and have my hair done in pigtails by Em:

Then it was downstairs for a spot of scrapbooking:
Then we had our tea and, once the boys were home, we went upstairs armed with dvds and popcorn. So, by 6.10 I was tucked up in bed with my fave girl and 3 hours of Prince Caspian 6.30 I was asleep! Poor Em, she kept trying to wake me up but couldn't do until 9pm. I felt that guilty I let her throw a load of nail varnish at my nails (oh, that was a manicure was it?!). And by 10...back in the land of nod again! I'm such a lightweight!
But hang on, what's this? I thought it was a GIRLY sleepover? Rob came in this morning to find this: We had a gatecrasher! And why is it the littlest one always has the largest share of the bed?!


Rach said...

LOL @ Xan joining the sleepover! Looks like fab fun. Emily's scrapbook pages are fab :D xx

Lou said...

She is getting quite good my little scrapbooker! You should get Char in on it hun! x

Marie said...

Well, when the gatecrashers are that cute you don't mind so much ;)

Great LOs Miss Emily.

Lovin' the pigtails Lou - they suit you ;P