Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Jelly Belly!

There are some things you just get stuck with in life, mine is my belly! In my early twenties I would spend hours in the gym trying to get a nice flat washboard stomach, but even when I was down to a size 8, it still looked like blamange!

So, 15 years, 4 dress sizes and 2 kids later it ain't going to happen now is it?!

So, to embrace it! I'm very limited what exercise I can do these days; scaffolding holding up your main artery and scarred lungs sort of rule out marathons (yeah, coz I'd have done one before!). I tend to stick to walking and my Wii Fit but with lots of my friends joining gyms and taking up running (you know who you are!) I felt a little left out that I didn't have a 'thing'. Until the lovely Uma came into my life that is!

Uma's my scrapbooking crop buddy and she's in to lots of alternative exercises. She put up on our crop thread a couple of weeks ago that she was going to a local belly dancing class, if anyone would like to join her? Oooh me thinks, I quite fancy that! Anyway, our schedules didn't match up then but last night I headed into the city and met up with her and did my first ever class! It was fab!

Wanna see a picture:

Hmm yes, well that does sum up my elegance a bit but I gave it a good go and the instructor said I did well for a first timer and do you know what? I'm going to go again!
So yay for embracing your wobbly bits! Finally I've found something that is more atuned to us jelly belly girls!


Trina said...

It sounds fab Lou! You never know I might just get my several jelly belly's out and join you!

Love the piccy xx

Clair@Obstinate Pursuit said...

Aww, Lou. That sounds just awesome. I'd love to try some exercise that doesn't feel like exercise.

Oh and I'm a total duh-brain sometimes - I lost the link to your blog and spent a good half hour looking through the comments on UKS only to realise I should have followed the link from the comment on my blog. Um...yeah! Arse...elbow x