Sunday, 30 November 2008

A Day For T'Internet Friends!

We had such a busy day yesterday. I thought that appropriately, my first proper day out should be with those from GUCH (Grown Ups with Congenital Heart Defects). There was a meetup planned for Liverpool, so it was up early yesterday (driving to Liverpoool was a bit beyond me at this stage, so Rob and the kids took me) and off to pick up my good GUCH buddy Gilly.

We met the others at 9.30 and, after the world's largest latte in Costa Coffee (it was FREEZING yesterday!), we went to look at one of Liverpool's 2 cathedrals. Quite an eerie sight greeted us as the freezing fog hadn't lifted, but an impressive sight none the less.

Now, not being of the religious persuasion, I don't really frequent churches, but I must admit that I love looking at cathedrals; the architecture on them is just fantastic. What was more amazing was that this one was only finished in the 60s, and yet looked hundreds of years old. I don't think there's many places built in the last 100 years or so that could look this impressive.

Anyway, here are some of my GUCH friends (for those reading from the GUCH site: l-r - Gilly, Vicki, Mike, Deb and Deb's other half!) enjoying the sights:

And as you can see, there were some wonderful sights:

After all that, Mike and Gilly needed a sit down!

Then it was on to the second cathedral, which was the more modern Catholic cathedral. As you can see, there was a much more modern take on this but I loved how they'd done it, especially the stained glass:

Paul got lots of good pics (which will no doubt be far superior to my snaps!):

And me and Gilly took the opportunity to have a good sit down (there's a lot of hills and stairs in Liverpool, not done either for some time!) and a catch up:

After lunch I was tired so met back up with Rob and the kids (who'd spent a few hours at the fabulous World Museum) and left my GUCHs to enjoy the rest of the afternoon, plus a few shandies later on! I so enjoyed meeting them all (only met Gilly before) and I'm looking forward already to the next meetup!

As we were over that way, we did a little detour on the way home and went to see my best cyber friend Marie and her lovely family. Me and Marie had a good chat about crafty stuff (and I got to see her fabulous new craft room; not jealous at all, honest!); Rob and Marie's hubby Kendo caught up on all things bike, beer and music related; and the kids? Well, the kids ran around and made noise and made us all wish we'd bought a jumbo sized pack of ear plugs! They're so funny together though and I so love the fact that they're growing up friends!

First of all, the ever cute Gracie decided to teach Xander the art of ballroom dancing:

However, that soon descended into all 4 of them 'dancing' round the living room to High School Musical (yes, Emily has now converted Gracie to the joys that is HSM on repeat 24/7! How Marie's still talking to me I do not know!)

I'm not sure Ewan was that impressed with the choice of outfit the girls had chosen for him for the disco however! Never mind, that just meant he abandoned the disco and gave his Auntie Lou chocolatey snotty kisses instead!
Anyway, a lovely if not tiring day yesterday! But it just goes to show how I've met some lovely people on this old pooter! I wouldn't have met any GUCHs if it wasn't for the message board and as for Marie, well if we hadn't been on the same birth club over at Babywhisperer then I wouldn't have such a good friend now (plus no-one to steal crafty ideas from!)

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