Saturday, 22 November 2008

What's In A Name?

For some reason, my kids have both ended up with really long names. It wasn't intentional; we just seem to decide on a first name quite early on in pregnancy and then the name grows as the pregnancy goes on! We picked Xander's name fairly on, and I always knew that if I had a boy I wanted to have William in there somewhere after my Grandad who had passed away when I was only 3. Then, as I got nearer my due date, we decided that we needed something that meant something equally to the pair of us. After much deliberation and endless arguments from Rob that 'No, Xander William Slash isn't an option Louise!', we decided to name him after this fella:

This is the mighty James Hetfield of Metallica. We've both been a fan for over 20 years and so he seemed appropriate as we couldn't ever see a day of not loving his Royal Rock Godness!

Anyway, imagine our delight the other day when we caught our son wandering around like this:

Yes!! Even though he dances round to Mickey Mouse he does have some musical taste genes in there; it's a classice piece of '85 Metallica aswell so he's starting with the good stuff!

Unfortunately for Xander, we won't be taking him to see the mighty 'Tallica in February (thanks to my sis & bruv-in-law Gem & Dave and my oldest Metallica buddy and James worshipper Ali (who won't be reading this far as she'll never get past the pic of James!)). He's not quite ready to see Mummy screaming at rockstars just yet; but hopefully in 10 years time I'll be introducing my squids to the mosh pit (yeah, at 44 I can see me doing that!)

In other more sedate news; Thursday night saw the lights switch on in our local town. I was determined we would go as it's normally really good. So, on go the thermals, long sleeve jumper, cardigan, thick coat, scarves, gloves etc etc and off we went. The kids were all trussed up against the nasty wind that started about an hour before we set off:

Emily got a lighting up butterfly, Xander couldn't care less so we didn't waste £4 on anything that lighted up for him; and me and Rob hogged the tea van (lovely hot chocolate with whipped cream, yum!).

I must say, our local town really do go all out with the lights, it's very impressive. Apparently there was someone from Emmerdale switched them on but it could have been the town hall cleaner for all I knew! Anyway, Emily and Xander were certainly impressed:

So, looks like Christmas is well and truely underway and I'm trying to embrace it with the whole '32 days till Christmas' countdown rather than my usual '33 days till it's all over' one!

Oooh, maybe I should do a 'XX days till I see James' countdown...


Rach said...

Oiy Gillard :P ha ha ha OMG PMSL - I almost spat crunch nut cornflakes all over my puter when I read your comment :P

Think I make that Nicola bird off celebrity look small! :P :P :P


Juicy3675 said...

Bless him and his lil Metallica loving socks!!! I think our sons are destined to be the next generation of "Serenity" Rockstars!!! What with your mini James H and my Ozzy Guitarist Jake Lee... Ooh! and our Phil's boy, Zakk we could be on to a money spinner!! LOL Rich wanted to name the girls after his other favourite Ozzy guitarist too, Rhodes I didn't mind but I had to draw the line at Randy!!! In the end they were named after "the 2 most beautiful women in the world" (Ms Jolie and Ms Locklear) although it wasn't intentional - well, not on my part anyway!! Wish I'd called them "Shut up" and "p*ss off" like Ali Elsey wanted now!!! hehehe

Lou said...

Jen - I'm confused; if you were naming them after the 2 most beautiful women in the world, why aren't they called Jen & Lou?! :P

OMG, can you imagine Serenity Mk2?! :o

Rach said...

Cheeky mare! Good job you're over them Pennines - otherwise I'd be after you with my crutches :P

Juicy3675 said...

OMG thats exactly what I was thinking as I was typing but I didn't type it cos well, i'd babbled enough!!! anyway... get out of my head! am obviously going to have to change their names immediately!!! LOL

Lou said...

LOL Jen!

Rach - what are you on about woman?!