Thursday, 6 November 2008

Cats, Devils, Conkers, Sparklers & A Bit Of Love Bomb Baby!

So, I log on this morning for a bit of blog hopping and was greeted with this post over at Jen's blog. Love reading Jen's blog anyway, she's just so bloody funny; but this post made me cry with laughter: it just sums me and Jen up circa 1990!

I also got to thinking today that I should maybe upload some pics (although Rob did an excellent post the other day, I thought trying to explain uploading photos might have been pushing it a bit!).
First of all, here's the munchkins on Halloween: Emily dressed as a witch's cat and Xander as (what else) a little devil:

Rob brought the kids into the hospital so I could see them dressed up. I also had the added bonus of not having to answer the door to the trick or treaters!

Whilst in hospital, I got lots of lovely cards and presents; but I have to say the one that stood out was from Rob's Uncle Neil (or Big Bad Uncle Fred as he likes to be known!). Most people sent flowers, chocolates, grapes, magazines but not BBUF; he thought what I needed to aid my recovery was a home made conker necklace:

Nope, I've no idea why either!! (And eek, that ain't a flattering pose of me!)

Last night, we had some fireworks courtesy of my parents and sister. My mum also made pie and peas and some good old Yorkshire parkin! Xander was less impressed with Daddy's firework display and retired to the living room with Grandad to watch Tigger and Pooh. Emily was however a bit more appreciative but got rather impatient when it came to sparkler lighting. Granted it did take about 20 minutes to get the buggers lit, but finally her and Auntie Gemma got to have some sparkler fun (yes, Gemma was doing it just for Emily, honest!):

Trouble was, Rob had been trying to light sparklers that long that he got a bit carried away when they finally did light, and lit too many:

There we go, all caught up now!


Marie said...

I see no mention of the Rob V patio incident??? If I have to suffer everyone knowing I'm a plonker who can't see a whacking big patio door then so should he!! :P

Great pics hun. Conker necklace??? I'm at a loss for words.


Anonymous said...

It WAS all for Emily, I just didnt want her to feel left out


Juicy3675 said...

Lurrrrrrrrve Bomb baaaaaybeh blow me awaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!! uh huh!!! ohhhhh yeaaaaah!!!!

... you can see me giving large with my air geeeetaaaaaaaaaar can't you??

kids are all doing it too!!! LOL