Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Dear Santa...

Like it or not, Christmas ain't far away! So, I actually relented the other day and ordered Emily's Christmas present (you see, good girl here, shopping online rather than braving the shops!).
Emily wrote a Christmas list weeks ago, a good 2 pages long! So, I went through it last night as I'd had a couple of requests for ideas...what a load of tat! A £30 cupcake maker that makes 1 cupcake at a time? We have an oven that will do 2 dozen at a time! I really can't believe the rubbish that is out there and the prices they charge for it. Needless to say, the list has been amended and just the stuff that she may actually still play with by Boxing Day are still on there!
And as for Xander, there is virtually nothing out there for 2 year old boys! Everything's too babyish or for 3+ (believe me though, when he's 3 he will have the coolest toys!). His list currently comprises of 2 things!
And as for my list? Mine's simple...peace and quiet!


Marie said...

If only Santa could provide peace and quiet as a gift *sigh*

Seeing as you're being all early, I'll be the first to say


love M

kim & co. said...

DH and I laugh all the time about how our parents used to say that all they wanted was for the kids to get along and we thought they were nuts! But now, I can say that that would be a Christmas wish come true.

So, what are your 2 ideas for boy gifts? I think we're going with a train set--he's obsessed and it seems like it will be well used. And then I'm going to make some "manly" dress-up clothes so maybe he won't wear the pink tutu quite so much ;)