Friday, 28 November 2008


I'd mentioned in an earlier post how, while I was in hospital, Xander had suddenly found his voice and was finally talking. Unlike his sister, who said her first word at 10 months (and hasn't shut up since!), Xander wasn't an early talker and before 2, all we got was 'moo, baa' quack'!!

So, it's now lovely to hear him rabbiting away. It's mainly single words (mummy, daddy, Emy, Manma (Grandma)) and the odd 2 word sentence (Pooh Bear, bye mummy etc). He can also name all the characters in Roary The Racing Car!

So yesterday we were rather amused when he managed a 4 word sentence: now, if you touch one of his toys he shouts:

"Oi, give it back!"

Bless him!

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