Sunday, 16 November 2008

Better Late Than Never!

So, there I was the other day, on my daily blog hop, when I stumbled across a post by the lovely Marie. When I last saw her, she was telling me about her Christmas project for this year, and this post of hers lead me to the full details here. Ooooh, thinks me, that looks like a lovely Christmas project, maybe I should give it a go?
I mulled it over for about 10 minutes, then made a mental list of what projects I had coming up to Christmas: Gemma and Dave's wedding invites, Laura and Gary's invites, top secret sewing project for Christmas presents. Hmm, maybe scrapbooking every day might not be that do-able.

Then I came to another realisation - whatever happened to last year's Christmas project: the scrapbook I was doing to document Emily and Xander's Christmas? Wouldn't it maybe be a good idea to actually finish that before THIS Christmas?!

So, when Emily requested that we sepend our Sunday afternoon with a bit of a mother/daughter scrapbooking session, I thought it was a good time to blow the dust off my stash, and do some scrapbooking for the first time in 3 months! So, here is my first layout for a long time and another step closer to actually finishing last year's project:

Emily decided to be a lot more prepared, and made a headstart on this year's Christmas scrapping:

Feel like I'm on a bit of a roll now, you never know, that Xmas album might actually get finished before I need to start on this years!

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