Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Whilst in Costco the other week, my beady little scrabooking radar picked up on this kit of lovliness:

Although an absolute steal at £25 (the albums must be worth that alone), I really couldn't justify it in the middle of a credit crunch. ***SIGH***

That was until I dragged my scrapping buddy Lauren down there and we went halves, giving each other the other half as a Christmas present! Woohoo! OK, so it took us an hour and a half to divide it up (we were both being far too polite about taking the best stuff!); but finally I ended up with this little pile of scrappy goodness:

So, last week me and Lauren decided it was high time we had a crop. What with babies (well, one baby who is extremely cute and I love her dearly; but she does get in the way of scrapping!) and hospitals (damn cardiologists interferring with my hobby time!), we haven't scrapped together since July and had both been very unproductive since. So, last week we had our first crop for a long time so I decided to use my Christmas pressie!
You may remember this post from back in September after our holiday to Center Parcs. It was so relaxing and, what with everything that happened since, it was fortunate we got to chill out when we did. Anyway, it had been on my mind in hospital, how lovely and peaceful that break was, so that became the subject of this layout:
The colours were just ideal for this picture that Rob took of our chalet at night. I love that picture, the chalet just looks so warm and cosy (which it was!)

And also, yet more chilled out pictures:

Aaah! Feel all chilled now just thinking about it; which is a good place to be as need to do the schoolrun in the cold slush soon!
Hopefully now, Lauren and I will get to scrap weekly so all being well, the Garlics scrapbooking gallery can be updated very very soon!


Marie said...

Not jealous of the cropping at all. Not. One. Jot. :P

Loving the layouts missus. That kids is gorgeous. Purpley loveliness. My fave :)


Juicy3675 said...

That looks lovely Lou!! I love being crafty but I can never come up with the ideas myself, I have to "borrow" or complete kit type things instead...lol I don't have the energy for thinking these days!! xx

Lou said...

Yes Jen, all my ideas are completely original...honest Guv...Marie who?! :P