Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Decorator For Hire!

This weekend saw the official 'trimming up' of the Gillard household. We decided it wasn't even worth fighting with the kids over who did the tree, so we left the munchkins to it. They got in the festive mood straight away:

And then Emily set to putting up the decs:

She actually did quite a good job! However, her brother's method of tree decorating was a tad unorthodox!

If in doubt just wang them at the tree instead!

Emily and I have also been busy with Christmassy crafts. We made some ornaments for the tree (with expert sequin sewing from Emily!):

She made Christmas crackers for our Christmas dinner:

And I made a garland for the fire place:

So come on, who wants to hire Xander to decorate their tree? He gets it done very quick but I can't guarantee your baubles will all be in one piece by the end of it!


Rach said...

LMAO at Xander - so cute!

I'm mean - I like to do our tree by myself, but don't think I'll be able to escape that one this year with Charl. I think I'll be rearranging decorations after she's gone to bed :P

Loving the garland - looks fab - clever clogs - how did you do that?? I cheated and bought ours :P


Juicy3675 said...

Can I please borrow Xander to help throw xmas decs at Richard?? I think that might be more fun!!

Marie said...

Yey. You made it snow :)

ROFLMAO @ Xander's decorating style . Did you let him watch "Deck The Halls"? Maybe that's where he's picked up his technique? ;)