Sunday, 28 December 2008

The Christmas Pics

Just a few pics from our Christmas week. Would go into detail but we got Guitar Hero for Christmas and I now have to spend every waking minute trying to kick Rob's behind on it, so no time for the usual rambling post!!

In a nutshell, a good time was had by all:

Grandad gets ready for the feast.

Pressies Round 1.

Family Girls' Night Out.

Pressies Round 2.

Xander and his big boy bike.

Xander and his Bob The Builder house.

Rob and his big bird (first one to comment gets a cyber slap!).

Eeeh, she's her mother's daughter. Shove it in girl!

Nope, after all this waiting we're never getting her off that DS.
Dance Spiderboy!

Who on earth is this motley looking crew?!

A bit of Mario karting with Uncle D.

Who forgot to order the Christmas Cheer then?!

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