Friday, 19 December 2008

So What's The Problem With Green All Of A Sudden?

With it being the last day of school, I needed to make Emily something to take in for her teachers. Foolproof year after year, mini Christmas pudding chocolates; I've made them year on year and they never fail to please.

So, off I troop to Asda with my list of ingredients: chocolate, check; nuts, check; glace cherries, check; angelica, er...hello, angelica? Nope, not a sniff of angelica down the baking aisle. OK, so maybe there's not must call for little pieces of green jellified sugar anymore; I know, I'll go buy some green sweets instead. After all, they're only to make teeny tiny holly leaves for the top of the Xmas puddings: sweet aisle - nowt, not a green sweet in sight! But surely kids like eating green things (Emily certainly seems to like to every time she gets on stage at Christmas plays!).

Not to worry, we have a cupboard full of sweets at home, I'll just improvise when I get home. So, puddings are made and chilling in the fridge, chocolate's all ready to be melted, cherries are diced into mini cherry shapes and into the sweet cupboard I go - no green sweets! What?!! Aha, I spy a tube of fruit pastilles - off comes the wrapper and I empty out the sweets - there's 1 green one! I look at the 52 sweets I've just made, each needing 2 leaves: hmmm, 1 fruit pastille cut into 104? I'm guessing that ain't going to work...

So, routing through the baking cupboard, I find a bottle of green food colouring! Woohoo! And, a bag of mini marshmallows! Double woohoo! So, after chopping each mini marshmallow into 8, out comes the pastry brush and on goes the green!
At this point, the phone goes, it's Kay:

K - "Hi, what are you up to?"
L - "I'm painting marshmallows green"
K - "Er, sorry?"
L - "I told you, I'm painting marshmallows green"

The only words I heard then inbetween the laughter were on the lines of 'saddo', 'what would Nigella say?' etc etc. Anyway, for Kay's benefit, here's the proof that yes, her friend is the sort of sad cow that will paint 104 individual marshmallow pieces green:

However, they were worth it in the end:

Kay, bet my green marshmallows aren't so funny when you want to test one are they?!

In other crafty related news, I've done a bit of scrapbooking this week. I just had to scrap the snow pictures from the other week and after a bit of blog hopping, came across this sketch which worked perfectly!

Right, better toodle, have a busy weekend and believe it or not, even more marshmallows to dye green!


Tara said...

This made me laugh.

Lou, you rock.

kim & co. said...

that is awesome that you did that--and they look fab!

I'm also very impressed that in the height of Christmas craziness, you managed to scrap a little! So jealous. . . Are you going to start up the challenges again in the new year? I could use a little nudge.

Lou said...

Oh I suppose I could be persuaded! ;)