Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Somebody Get RADA On The Phone!

This morning was Emily's Christmas Play, in which my darling daughter had the starring role of Whoops-A-Daisy Angel (may have mentioned that once or twice before!!).

She was FANTASTIC!! She was nice and clear, remembered all her lines and made the audience laugh with her funny whoops-a-daisy expressions! She looked great too, even if I do say so myself (skirt made by moi one teatime last week!).

Anyway, we weren't allowed to take pictures in the performance and there was strictly no video, so here's some pics of our very own Miss Whoops-A-Daisy after the show, before she got mobbed by her fans (erm, I'm not even kidding either!)

Now, where did I put RADA's number....


Marie said...

She looks great! I love the pink boots, they're a great touch.

Well done Miss Emily! I'll be getting your autograph next time I see you so I can sell it on Ebay in 15 years time ;)


Juicy3675 said...

Aw bless her!!! She looks brilliant! Can't believe you weren't allowed to video it though, how sad :( Still I'm sure you'll remember it forever even if Emily forgets the details.. which she probably will.. I always did! Well done her and congrats to the proud and don't forget, when she's starring in panto with David Tennant it'll be ME that's at the front of the cue for tickets!!

Rach said...

Yay Emily!!!!


Jaime said...

the expressions on her face are priceless!!!

Anonymous said...

Seen it today!!! She was fab, even with the nose picking!!!
Auntie Gem