Wednesday, 24 September 2008


***WARNING: This post contains some pictures of Lou and Rob in swimwear, which some viewers may find disturbing! ***

Blimey, like buses these posts today: don't post for a week then 2 come along at once!

The reason for the gap? Well, after Xander's birthday we went away to Center Parcs for a long weekend for some very much needed R&R (now in the old days, that would have stood for rock n roll, but now we need the much more sedate rest n relaxation!!).
We got to stay in the middle of the forest:

And get one of these going in the evening:

Which Emily loved but Xander kept trying to blow out!!

We spent every day either by or in the pool, it was getting the kids out that was the problem!Afterwards, we went out for some family fun, including a nice game of bowling (which I won, yay!!)And of course, there was the obligatory eating ourselves silly all weekend:...and drinking ("wow, that's one mean orange juice!"):

It was such a lovely weekend, I want to go back there right now! And, as Rob is going to be telling everyone he sees for the next 3 years, I may aswell announce on here that yes, I did end up face down in a ditch after falling off my bike...while it was stationary! I am now hobbling around with 2 very bruised kneecaps and Rob is ecstatic that he has an amusing tale to tell!

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