Friday, 12 September 2008

Happy Birthday Bobbins!!

Yup, the old ball and chain has notched up another year today! Happy Birthday Rob!
He woke up (far too early thanks to Billy Jim!) to cards and pressies and then went into work late as we got to go watch Emily get her golden balloon in Sharing Assembly. She didn't half waffle on to the headmaster when it came to her turn, telling him all about what she'd done (something about her being loving and kind - errrmmmm...!).
Next it was off to the first Socatots lesson of the term, where Xander's now one of the oldest and so was showing off all his footballing skills to the new whipper snappers!! He did start to get a bit tired so I hotfooted it home to get him down for a one problem...
...when you leave house with hubby, and hubby locks up, then hubby goes off to work: how do you get back in the house?! Hmmmmm! So, there I am with tired grumpy toddler in a football kit, and no way to get in. I phone Rob, his network's having problems; I phone my mum (who has a spare key), she's at work with her phone switched off. I look up and down the street: Jill - out; Margaret - on holiday; Lauren - curtains still drawn, must have had a bad night with Abi, better not knock! Sam - oh pants, she's moved, aha but only round the corner, I'll walk to Sam's! I walk round the corner, Sam's not in! I try Rob again, phone still not working; mum, phone still not on! Aaaarrrggghhh!!!
I could ring Rob at work...oh hang on, I have no idea what his work number is! I phone 118 118 and finally get through to him, but he has a presentation to do and can't drive home with the keys! I can't drive anywhere, my car keys are in the house! I can't phone anyone to come and get me, they have no carseat for Xander (who by this stage has started kicking me, and who can blame him!). So, I ring Rob to get me mum's work's number off his computer (can't do it myself, my computers in the house!) and I ring her. Start telling some random woman who answers the phone my woes before i realise it's actually not my mother on the other end! Anyway, I arrange to find a bus to her shop to pick up the spare keys.
So, there I am, toddler kicking off and not really having the energy to walk into town for the bus (after not eating for 2 days) sat on the doorstep about to cry! When, my mum phone's back and says she's coming out of work to bring me the keys, and Lauren phones demanding I get my bum down there for a coffee! Hurrahh!!
The moral of the story? You've got me! Someone up there ain't liking me this week!
Anyway, we're going out for tea with the kids, then have a couple of friends coming round tonight to celebrate Rob's big day! Well, if they can get in that is.....

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Rach said...

OMG woman what a day!

Happy Birthday (again) to Rob! xx