Monday, 1 September 2008

September Is The Month For...

...EVERYTHING it would seem!

I'm guessing it's going to be a busy month! Looking at the calendar for September I have:

1 - Hubby's birthday next week

2 - Xander's birthday the week after (sniff, my baby's all grown up!)

3 - A weekend at Center Parcs

4 - My main HUGE assignment to complete and hand in

5 - Revision to start for the HUGE exam I have next month (aarrrggghhh!!!)

6 - 12 other birthdays (which also equats to 5 birthday parties (so far!)

7 - Gymnastics starting

8 - Socatots starting

9 - Xander starting 'big' class at nursery

10 - Starting volunteering at school

Hmmm, not sure about eating and sleeping this month, though as they're my 2 favourite hobbies I'm hoping to fit at least one in! Oooh, just remembered:

11 - New season of Prison Break, must make time to watch!!

Now, if anyone hears me moaning that I'm bored, you know what to do.... :P


Rach said...

Blimey woman!

If you get bored I'm sure I could find something for you to do :D

Did you even list scrapping?

Lou said...

LOL Rach, I think I'm definately hanging up my scrapping hat for this month! ;)

kim & co. said...

You have a crazy month coming up! And I didn't know you are a fellow PB fan! Did the season already start across the pond? (I won't spoil the first episode if it didn't).

Lou said...

It did Kim, we had the first double episode on Tuesday! x