Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Birthday Boy!!

Just a few pics from Xander's birthday last week. A big thank you to everyone for all the cards and presents; as you can see he loved opening them:

He got lots of really cool boy stuff, which have gone down well with mummy, daddy and big sis too!

No big parties this year, too much else going on around that time to arrange one and Xander didn't care anyway! Instead, we just invited a few of his toddler frineds round for a tea party. Obviously, there was birthday cake:

A quick round of pass the parcel:

Which Emily got very excited about:

Evie put in her request for her 2nd birthday present (which is in a couple of weeks), she wants baby Abi:

Poppy just loved the chocolate buns:

But Emily wasn't quite sure whether, at nearly 7, Hattie should have the same amount of bun round her mouth as Poppy:

Anyway, all partied out now; on with playing with the trucks!!

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