Sunday, 7 September 2008

My Brain Needs A Holiday!!

So finally, the end is in sight with this huge assignmnet I've got on the go. I'm planning on posting it off on Friday, so that means that next weekend I'll actually have a weekend (well, before the exam revision starts anyway!!).

I've never known mental exhaustion like it! Obviously dealing with a (nearly) 2 year old and those lovely tantrums can be quite tiring; plus the teenage 6 year old and her hormones! Then there's thinking about the shopping, bills, who needs what birthday present buying, what do we have for tea tonight - add onto that the complexities of English grammar and my poor brain is pretty wiped out!

So, I think a little holiday for the poor thing is in order; which hopefully will entail me sleeping for a full 24 hours then all my brain has to do is dream about Brad Pitt!


Rach said...


Dream about who? Brad Pitt - don't tell me you've gone off the delicious Sawyer?!


Lou said...

You see Rach, that's how fried my brain is, it can't even think about Sawyer spontaneously!! x

kim & co. said...

Good luck with your paper! And the dreams of Brad Pitt:)