Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Yes Miss!

Today, I became a working woman again for the first time in nearly 2 1/2 years! OK, so when I say working, it's volunteering, but it still meant turning up on time and working! I started at one of the local schools helping out with the Year 2 class. I need to get lots of practical experience in schools to get on a good teacher training course; I worked with Year 5s at Emily's school when I was expecting Xander, so decided to try out Key Stage 1 at a different school this time to get a broader range.

The school is lovely; it's very new and so they started off with their first ever Year 6 assembly (as there'd never been a Yaer 6 before!). I then went to my class, did some playtime monitoring, then was straight off on a school trip to the local church. It's quite an odd dynamic in the class as there's 21 boys to 9 girls, so I was in charge of five 6 year old boys on the trip, yup, chuck me in at the deep end why don't you!

I spent lunchtime in the staffroom chatting to some of the teachers, who all seem really nice and very willing to give me advise. Then, this afternoon I've watched the PE lesson whilst cutting out and laminating aliens (don't ask), then listened to a classroom of 30 kids attempt 'music'! I wonder if the Government give you an allowance for paracetamol and earplugs!!

Anyway, I've really enjoyed today. Good job really as I'm not sure if Rob would be too happy if I suddenly announced I'd changed my career plans again!

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kim & co. said...

Sounds like fun (and I know you said not to ask, but I'm really curious about the aliens. I don't remember studying them in school--maybe the difference between an American and British education, LOL).