Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Oreo Overload!!

For those of you who have ever talked to me online at around 10am on a weekday morning, you'll probably know that I'm normally sat here with my third cup of coffee of the morning, and doing something like this: Yes, I am a bit of an Oreo lover and the highlight of my day is having a couple of the round chocolatey lovlies as my elevenses (OK tenses, sometimes ninethirtyses!). So, there I was at lunchtime today studying away when my old email pingpong buddy Marie sends me this. Now, Shimelle is a bit of a crafty legend anyway and her cupcake recipes are normally to die for, but cupcakes AND Oreos? Surely such a thing is just too good for humankind to stand?! So, I tried to carry on with my work, but I kept getting flashes of the choclately goodness and eventually, at 3pm, I gave in and downed tools and trotted off to Sainsburys for supplies!

Now, they didn't all go accordingly to plan (Note to self: Shimelle is a cupcake goddess, so when she says fill the cases 3/4 full you fill them 3/4 full, not all the way to the top! Bad cupcake amateur!) but I had a decent amount of success. Just look at the yumminess:

You're drooling aren't you?!

Of course, my usual taste testers were all to willing to do a spot of quality control for me, just to make sure!
So now I have about 30 of the lovely little things sat in my fridge...calling me...Lou, you must eat us.....


Rach said...

Your testers honestly don't look like they're enjoying them - you must send them to me IMMEDIATELY - don't argue with me woman - I'm fat, pregnant and HUNGRY!!!!


Anonymous said...

If you want to be let in to my house on Sunday I had better see a cupcake each for me and Dave through my peephole!

Marie said...

I will happily take full responsibility for the oreo cupcake incident..... but only if you send me one IMMEDIATELY!!

Saying that, I wouldn't be able to eat the bloomin' thing anyway. Bloody tooth extractions. Grrrrr.

I'll be speaking to you in about an hour and a half anyway - just bobbed on for a quick email check before work and was mysteriously drawn here.... must have been the smell of cupcakes ;)

PMSL @ Bobbins face in that picture. Loon!


Lou said...

Rach - of course, wouldn't want to deprive bubba!

Gem - I'm sure I can be pursuaded with a couple of shiny bottles of some kind of brewed beverage!

Marie - LMAO, after all these years of marriage, I'd not even noticed the funny face, they're all funny faces to me!

Juicy3675 said...

see I either need that recipe (for my little man that cooks) or I'm coming round to eat all your cupcakes. mmmhmmm yes, yes I am.

Lou said...

Jen - you'll have to be quick, Oreos don't last long in my house! Alternatively, follow the link for recipe! ;)