Wednesday, 9 July 2008


This weekend we ventured down to Lincolnshire again for Rob's Grandad's RAF Memorial. Although the weather was appalling, it was extra inportant that we go as Grandad was laying a wreath this year.

Afterwards, they got the Lancaster out and they switched on all the engines; as last year, it was so emotional. Here's Grandad with Rob's cousin Kim, looking so proud! (BTW Kim, great to see you and Richard!)

Afterwards, we escaped the wind and rain for a sandwich and a nice glass of wine and to give Grandad some time to chat with his favourite Great Grandson!

Note Grandad's medals, he and I had Emily going that one was for tidying his bedroom, one was for eating all his tea etc!

Thanks for a lovely day Grandad and for everything it stood for.


Marie said...

What an absolutely fantastic photo of Xander with his Great Grandad. Definitely one to be scrapped.

Glad you had a nice day hun. Despite the A1!!

love M

Birdie said...

I enjoyed reading about your own personal hero.