Monday, 28 July 2008

Sunday With A Few Friends!

You know what it's like on a Sunday, all you want to do is just spend the afternoon chilling, maybe with a couple of people. A couple, 75,000, hey what's the difference?!

Yesterday we went along to Party In The Park with our friends Ally and Shane and their gorgeous kids Amber and Jacob. It was an absolutely glorious day so we packed up a picnic and took our little munchkins for their first ever gig. No, McFly and some bloke off X Factor ain't exactly my choice of gig, but it was free so who cares?!

Emily and Amber got chance to catch up on some girly gossip:

Xander got chance to wish Jacob a very happy 3rd birthday (Happy Birthday little dude!):

And me and Al caught up over a glass of Lou's 'special' lemonade:

When it got too hot, the kids took some shelter and just relaxed and watched the bands:

Well, except the birthday boy who was chilling catching some rays:

Amber decided that they all needed to get more into the party spirit and sent her daddy off to purchase them all these:

Unfortunately, the whistle man didn't sell earplugs too, so us parents did come home with a bit of a ringing in our ears!

However, it had the desired affect and the kids rocked out to some pop band or other:

We had such a fantastic day, thanks so much to Ally and Shane for coming along with us, it really made the day even better to have friends there with us! At the end of the day, I asked Jacob, if, out of all his 3 birthdays, had this been the best ever? His answer...


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Jaime said...

oh my goodness that's a lot of people!!! glad you had fun, though.

and how neat is that pink & purple tent/shelter thingy?! :)