Wednesday, 16 July 2008


That's Thanks In Advance!

I've managed to get cover for Emily for the whole school holiday on my study days, which is a huge relief I tell you. What with the end of the course coming up, my big assignment and the exam, I was having a bit of a panic there! However, I just want to thank the following people in advance for helping me out:

Mum - every Wednesday with BOTH my kids, you're mad woman!

MIL - 2 lots of 48 hours with Emily? See above!

Gem - I'm not sure the working from home with Emily there will consist of much working, good luck!

Amanda - Emily and Cameron? Both in your house for a full day? I'm sending round the valium and gin as we speak!

I know there's a lot of you that would have helped out if you could and I appreciate that too. In the meantime, please join me in wishing my mum, MIL, Gem and Amanda the best of luck; they're going to need it!!


Anonymous said...

Who needs luck!! Am just gonna welcome them, tell them to say Hi to grandad and disappear for some retail therapy!! Whoops, maybe not as I havre just had my hours cut at the Sandwich shop so looks like I will be looking after them after all!! Note to Lou, Gin is on special offer at Tesco's at the moment!! Lol Mum xx

Anonymous said...

what have i done???? need to get some hannah montana on sky plus quick to keep her occupied!!
auntie gem