Thursday, 10 July 2008

Note To Self: Think Before You Blog!

So, last week, I set all you crafty ladies out there this challenge for July. Now, you would think the advantage to being the challenge setter would be that you could create challenges that fitted in with projects you had planned already? Well, MOST people would think of that....

Hence I spent the weekend cursing the idiot who had told us to use a lyric from a song and trying to find 3 patterened papers for my layout!!

However, finally I did manage to find both and have actually managed to do both challenges (well, thought as I'd set the challenges I'd better show willing!) So here's my LO for Challenge 1:
And here's the dreaded Song Lyric challenge:

Right, off to look for my brain cells in plenty of time for the August challenge!


Marie said...

Oooo - I like the little flappy thingie with the hidden photo. Very clever. Great layouts hun. Mine, as you know, are currently none existant! But I will try to get something done.


Birdie said...

Like Marie, I especially like the second layout. I have mine in my head but need to get the pictures to print are forcing me to go out of order.

Rach said...

Blimey woman you've been busy!

Fancy doing mine for me :P


kathj said...

I love the top layout!