Friday, 25 July 2008


With it now officially being the 6 week holidays, I decided that it would be OK for Emily to have one or two late nights. Therefore, I asked if she would like to have a sleepover with mummy one night this week. So, last night, I blew up the airbed (there was no way I was getting up that ladder to her cabin bed!), got our pyjamas on, hair in pigtails, made some popcorn and settled down to watch High School Musical 2 (well OK, you can't have everything!).

I was hoping we could just snuggle up and watch it quietly, with the hope that Emily would drift off to sleep and I could sneak downstairs back to the land of adulthood. No such luck! Cue to Emily dancing on the bed, singing every single word, as well as quoting every line of dialogue. When the film had eventually finished and we turned out the lights, I fell asleep before she did; though how I managed that on an airbed with someone as wriggly as Emily I'll never know!

However, it was fun spending girly time with my (not so) little girl, I just think I'll insist on choosing the film next time!


Rach said...

LOL awwww bless - you're a brave woman! Think I'd secretly have had the ipod on!

Jaime said...

what a neat idea!! glad you all had such a fun girly time. :)