Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Nappy? Cake?

Every time I say nappy cake, I always have that Peter Kay Garlic Bread/Cheesecake sketch in my head!

I meant to post this when little baby Abigail was born but didn't as I wanted to give them the gift first (yeah, coz when you've just given birth you tend to do lots of blog hopping!)

Anyway, I wanted to make Abigail something special but, as her mum's such a crafty goddess (along with most of the family!) I was stuck for ideas. I eventually decided to make her some patchwork bibs (a quilt was out of the question after the fantastic one Lauren's mum had made for her, just couldn't compare!). I made them pink and put her initial on then sat back and prayed that a) it was a girl and b) they didn't change their mind about calling her Abigail!

Next I had a go at a nappy cake. This has caused some very confused looks from people: No! I'm not making them eat nappies! I've seen these a few times on my crafty travels but never had the opportunity to make one. But, thanks to little Abi, I can now add this to my list of crafty attempts!

Still haven't managed to get pictures of Abi but hope to soon! Took my camera to see her yesterday but poor little munchkin had a tummy ache and so wasn't in the move for posing! Thankfully, the whole family's doing well and I'm loving my role of Auntie Lou (which consists of giving snuggles, then handing her back and coming home for a full night's sleep and being thankful I never have to do the sleepless nights again!).


Marie said...

Gorgeous crafty present goodness. The nanny cake looks fab hun.


Rach said...

Oooh get you Mrs Crafty!

Don't worry if you start to miss the sleepless nights, I send this little munchkin over when it arrives :P