Thursday, 5 June 2008

Well, I Was Having A Break From Girlie Scrapping....

Just for a change, I've done a bit of scrapping lately!

First of all, there's another page from my Xmas scrapbook (my aim is to have this finished by THIS Xmas!). It's of the kids decorating the tree and I had so much fun actually making a tree out of the pictures!
Next up is one for Emily's baby album. I love this LO which was featured in 'The Best Of British Scrapbooking' and got all carried away with my eyelet puncher! I also wanted to use these papers as they were a birthday present from my crop buddy Lauren! However, I then spent hours threading the ribbon as I didn't have quite enough of the lilac and so had to cut individual pieces to make it fit. It then became a vendetta to get it done but finally it was finished!
So, having looked through my scrapbooks, I realised that Emily has almost 2 full ones whereas Xander's first one isn't complete yet. So, it is now a girlie free zone round here for a while while I get the boy caught up. However, after starting a LO yesterday in boyish colours, I'm now wondering whether to infact go back to pink and flowery after his latest craze: he has an obsession with mine and Emily's shoes...
If he's not wearing them he's throwing them out of the catflap! Strange boy!

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