Friday, 6 June 2008

Scraplift Update

Oooh, it's getting exciting people, the scraplift only has 2 more rounds then it's done! Can't wait to see them all!

So far it's gone from Rach to me to Lauren to Marie to Julie and is now sat with Rachel. We then just need Kim to unpack all her scrapping stash, do hers and we're done! Yay!!

In other scrapping related news, one of our dear fellow scrappers has hit a milestone today! Yes, Rach has come over to the wonderfulness of her thirties today! Basically Rach, it's just an excuse to drink more wine as you're a proper grown up now who's terrified at the prospect of 40 so have a legitimate excuse! Happy Birthday Rach!!

Anyway, as I can't get a cake to her in time, here's something much more yummy for her! Delicious!!


Rach said...

Ooooh more delish than a cake anyday - hmmmm Sawyer with whipped cream! Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Thanks hun xxx

RachelC said...

I actually started and finished the scraplift today! I am totally shocked!!! So, I will await Kim's reply to my PM....

Lou said...

Steady on Rach, you need to control those hormones at this age you know?! :P

Rachel - blimey woman, you don't hang about do you?! Looking forward to seeing it!

RachelC said...

I emailed it to Kim this morning!