Monday, 30 June 2008

Sometimes It's The Small Things...

I don't hold a lot of faith in good luck; normally a spell of good luck means there's just a huge big dollop of bad luck round the corner ready to cancel the good stuff out!

However, after a bit of a bad run this year, sometimes the little bits of good stuff put a smile on your face and make you realise that there is some good in the world! Today has been one of those days.

Firstly, I got a place at a school for next term! Yippee! I'd sent off a couple of applications but was starting to panic that it was too late in the school year now, but this morning I got an email from a local school saying they had a place for me, and in the class I wanted too!

Secondly, I actually found a big company that has done what they said they would do without me having to chase them. I cancelled my mobile contract last week so I could go with a new one that gives me a shiny new laptop for free. I asked old complany for the code so I could transfer my number to new company, and lo and behold they've sent it! What's more, when I've gone to order the new phone the deal's changed and I now have double the texts and minutes for the same price!

Thirdly, I went into my daughter's room last night to find this diva-esque pose! I was so amused I had to grab the camera.
Lastly, at the weekend I got something through the post that made me smile from my old friend Jennie. Jen and I used to be thick as thieves in our late teens/early 20s, but I've not seen her for a while. Unfortunately, her dad past away last month and, as he and my dad were best friends, I went to the funeral. Through the sadness I got to catch up with Jennie and it was so lovely to see her and meet her kids. Anyway, she sent me a message the other day saying she'd been clearing her dad's house and found something she thought I'd like. So on Saturday, Mr Postie brought me this:
I laughed so hard! The pic is of me at about 20 years old, obvously after a night out with Jen, and I obviously thought it was amusing to give Uncle Pete it for his birthday! I actually remember why I did it as I have a signed picture of Uncle Pete somewhere, so I need a routing about session in the loft to find it; watch this space! It was so nice to think he'd kept it all these years.

Anyway, sometimes it's the little things that put a smile on your face!


Juicy3675 said...

I think I remember the night that photo was taken! and it's in my Mums flat of all places!!!

I remember Dad laughing at it, heh I remember lots of things Lou and most of them being disected over a cup of coffee whilst sitting on my kitchen floor of all

It was nice to find it amongst his things, made me smile again. If you find the pic he gave you I'd love to see it... he was a bit of a headcase my Dad huh? well ya know what they like.. like father like...daughter!!!

Stay in touch and hug my new mini best mate for me, my Jake was ever so taken with her ;)


Lou said...

LOL Jen! I will get up in that loft and find the pic, I remember it was hilarious!!

Em says squeezes right back! ;)