Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Trip Down Memory Lane

So, I came on to blog today about our weekend, then realised that Rob had taken the camera to work! So, no pictures to download so would have been a pretty pointless post!

However, as I feel like blogging I'm going to blog some of my favourite ever pics (well, the ones that are on the pooter anyway!) and have a bit of a nostalgia trip!
First up, my 2 favourite baby pics of Emily:

Emily at Disney World. Did you ever see a face sum up Disney World as well?!!...This picture still melts my heart: Emily's first meeting with Xander...Xander's first smile...Xander and my lovely wonderful Grandad...Emily and her Daddy...My beautiful smiley boy...Just last week, my beautiful but oh so grown-up girl...And finally, my favourite wedding pic...Aaah, feel all nostalgic now! There are lots more, maybe I'll blog those later!

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