Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Can I Claim This As A Family Heirloom?!

This weekend, Emily and I have been on a girlie weekend to London, to visit SIL Zoe.

We travelled down on Saturday and met Zo at the beautiful new St Pancras station and had lunch under this...

Afterwards, we caught the tube (which I hate - note the expression!)to the National History museum which I've always wanted to see and I thought it'd go down well with Emily as she has a bit of a dino obsession at the moment! We saw lots of dinosaurs and some great big creatures in the Blue Whale exhibition (seriously, have you seen the size of blue whales? Amazing!)On Sunday we were complete tourists and did the open top bus tour. We started off in trafalgar Squsare which was hosting some kind of moped rally, which Emily thought was really cool...Then we boarded the bus for a trip round the touristy bits.First up was Tower Bridge, which we first drove across then walked across...Then we went to see the giant telescope which travels 3000 miles under the Atlantic so you can talk to people in New York (honest, it does really do that!). We got to talk to a couple of people and ask what they were having for breakfast!Next up was lunch at Pizza Express where Emily got to be all sophisticated and have a 'Bambichino' after her lunch (OK, it's a cappuccino without the coffee!)We then caught a boat down the Thames to see one of Emily's highlights, the Houses Of Parliament, and of course this fella!Then it was back o the bus and down to visit the Queen, where Emily was very happy to see our Liz was actually in residence and probably watching us peasants from her parlor!It was also a chance for me to show Emily a bit of family history, as my Great Grandad painted the gold on the Victoria monument outside Buck House. I will shortly writing to Her Maj and requesting my family heirloom back!After a quick bus ride round Picadilly Circus and Regent Street it was back on the tube (which Emily seemed more than happy with and had not inherited my subwayphobia!) Then back to Zo's for a spot of dinner, some wine and a reminisce courtesy of some 20 year old rock videos!

So, we're now back to school, studying and deciding what to cook for tea! But a lovely weekend all in all, thanks Zo!


Jaime said...

that looks like it was a lot of fun!! glad you had a great day.

Marie said...

Bobbin's was telling be about that telescope thingie when I was round at yours. It looks cool! I think Mrs Windsor might have something to say about you removing the family heirloom round to yours..... and your neighbours might have something to say about you putting that on the front lawn ;)

Glad you had a good time hun ;)