Monday, 23 June 2008

It's Been A Little Bit Breezy!!

So, it's been a fairly intersting weekend round here!
On Saturday, Rob went away with Steve to a car show down in Northampton, which left me flying solo with the munchkins. So, on Saturday afternoon we went up to the uni with mum to see the Anne Frank exhibition that's currently there. Emily has to do some homework on a famous woman from history and, as I recently reread the book, I thought Anne would be a good one. I had to be a bit economical with the truth when explaining the story, Nazi-ism isn't one I really want to go into just yet; but she seemed really humbled by the story of the girl who had to hide from baddies and so couldn't go to school and see her friends. She wrote all about it and has handed it in at school this morning!
On Saturday night, Emily went to stay at mum's so that just left me a Xander. We sat and had our tea watching The Hulk, then once Xander had gone to bed, I took myslef off to bed for a good girlie dvd (Devil Wears Prada). I also decided to tackle this problem on Saturday:No, not the fact that he's so cute, the fact that this is constantly lodged in his gob:He was in fairly good spirits when he went to bed on Saturday night, so I didn't give him his binkie, then sat outside his room for half an hour waiting for him to start paddying...and nothing! He went straight off to sleep! Yay! We've not won the battle yet, he's currently napping with it as he was over-tired this morning, but slow and steady wins the race and all that!

So yesterday, as both Ally and I had been abandoned for the weekend in favour of some cars, we decided to spend the day together. So, I drove up there with the kids, picnic packed, all ready for a day out, when this happened:
Hmmm, not exactly picnic weather! So, we settled down at Ally's dining table for our picnic instead. Afterwards, the girls sat down and watched Enchanted and didn't seem too bothered about the change of plan.I was just debating what time to set off home when we heard a thud, looked outside and found this:Right, that'll be NOT driving home then! We couldn't even open the door at one stage to go outside, so I rang Rob, told him to come back to Ally and Steve's, and he could drive home! I'm not adverse to driving in bad weather, but not down the motorway with all those high sided lorries and just me and the kids in the car!

So, me and Ally took the opportunity to crack open the wine while we were waiting. The girls wanted to be all grown up so we gave them special wine (ie lemonade!) in the picnic wine glasses! Emily was happy with her girlie and snuggled up with Auntie Ally:
Thankfully, by the time the boys got back, the wind had calmed a bit so the journey back wasn't too bad.

Anyway, thanks Andbag for a lovely day, even if we didn't get to do what we'd planned; still enjoyed seeing you and the lovely Elise!!

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