Saturday, 28 June 2008

All Grown Up!

So, it's official; Xander is no longer a baby and is now a proper little boy. I came to this realisation last night when we redecorated his bedroom; I was there taking down all the nursery stickers we had as a border and suddenly got all nostalgic: cue looking through his baby box, photo albums etc! Sniff!!

Anyway, the exciting part is that Xander has now got a super shiny new bedroom! I went with a pretty neutral them of cars rather than picking Thomas or Iggle Piggle etc; if he's anything as fickle as me then they'll be yesterday's news within a month! So, here is Xander's big boy bedroom:

1 comment:

kim & co. said...

Love the room makeover! It is a little sad though to see them grow up and know that one stage is over.