Monday, 17 March 2008


After over 20 years of gig going, I think that I've come to the conclusion that, at 5' 4", I'm never going to get a good view, unless I fight my way down to the front row; and I'm just too old and decrepid to even attempt it these days!!

Fortunately I have very stong tip toes that can withstand even my weight for 2 whole hours, so I was able to tell last night that Slash was looking splendid! And fortunately, you don't have to be tall to hear good music and Velvet Revolver were on fine form last night! Unfortunately for Rob, you also don't have to be tall to scream, so the poor bloke's gne to work with ringing in his ears this morning after his wife's shameful display!

It was also quite sad as, VR are getting so popular that they can't possibly continue doing tiny venues for long; and once you've seen a band in a small venue, it's never the same in a big arena (unless you get at the front, which we've established ain't gonna happen!). So, I was resigned to the fact that I may never see them again, and certainly not as closely as I did last night.

Anyway, whether you want them or not, here are a couple of pics and a couple of vids of the boys!

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