Sunday, 16 March 2008

Beware Curly Haired Top Hatted Ones....

... you may encounter a screaming 30 something mother of two tonight, jumping on you in the middle of your guitar solo!! Yup, tonight I'm off to relive my teens and see the love of my life Slash playing at the uni. I'm trying to stay calm today and not get too excited but the thought of seeing my childhood hero is almost too much to bear! Prepare for a Slashtastic blog entry tomorrow!!

Yesterday was rock stars of a different genre: I took Emily and her BFF Hattie to see Hannah Montana 3D at the pictures. It was actually really good and it did look like Hannah was in the room so the girls were very excited! The only trouble was there was nothing there for tea, so the girls had to load up on popcorn and chocolate, which I regretted on the drive home when they were both sugared up and high as kites and kept shouting 'bum' and 'boobies' which they found hilarious!

Right, there's only 9 hours to the gig, better go get this switched on so I can start getting ready!!


Rach said...

BUM! BOOBIES! HA HA HA - yes it is very very funny! hee hee

I should know better!

I'm sure you've had a fab time tonight - sore throat from all that screaming perhaps?


Anonymous said...

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