Wednesday, 5 March 2008

The Adventures Of Hannah Chicktana!

So, we're on Day 3 of looking after Hannah Chicktana. Not only do we have to keep an eye on her but we have to take her on adventures too! So, last night she came on a car ride with us to pick Xander up from nursery...and then Emily read her a bedtime story...Tonight she is coming to the library and gymnastics with us! (Cue me stood looking like a right pleb holding an egg while Emily does her twirly bits on the bars!)

And for anyone who thinks Hannah looks a tad different: Shhhhhhhhhh!!! I've no idea why and Emily's not asked so let's not mention a certain cracking incident yesterday lunchtime and a quick boiling of a new egg, OK?!


Marie said...

I never did ask you what fate befell #1 exactly. Where you juggling with it or something? Bad, bad egg-sitting mummy!! :P

love xMx

Kay said...

Ummmm has egg line heard about this incident!!!!!! Good job Emily does not see CSI or we could have a crime scene


PS we also have an evil egg decoration competition to do (oh no......) lue and paint here we come As you know art is my fav subject NOT

Marie said...

Ooooo, look at you, snazzily blog-having lady. Love the new back ground.

How's chicktana MKII getting on?

love xMx