Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Musings On The Diversity Of Life

I've been having musings for the past couple of days. Musings on just how diverse my life is at times, and this week has been a prime example.

I started Saturday sat in the conservatory in my pyjamas (which would seem typical student attire I would have thought!) trying to get my head round finite and infinite clauses in the verb phrase (yup, I have no idea either). After several hours studying I then go to the opticians, buy some nice sensible designer glasses and come away much poorer than when I went in! Then it's off to the pictures with Emily and BFF to see a teen queen in 3D, with lots of popcorn and chocolate. Then home for a nice glass of wine and a jigsaw!

Sunday starts off with a walk in the park, then home for the grand prix and a couple of beers. Nice sensible tea (all food groups represented etc), then 2 hours later I'm screaming like a banshee at a 40 something father of two who I had a crush on at 14!!

12 hours later, rock n roll mum is back in the cupboard and she's trudging up to school, book bag, lunch bag and PE kit in hand, plus Emily's entry to the Easter Egg colouring competition that had to be handed in that day. Then home, washing, making thank you cards for Emily's gymnastic teachers, then back on the school run again!

Yesterday there was a crafting date with my new scrapbooking buddy and neighbour, Lauren (hi Lauren **waving**), then home for more washing, school run (with Guns n Roses on the iPod), nursery run, visit to the parents, starting another new jigsaw.

Today has been more studying and then annual household finance review (have you ever written down all those things that go out of your bank account every month, the length of the list is ridiculous!). Tonight is library, gymnastics (Emily, not me!), packing for the weekend etc. Tomorrow is toddler group, baking, tests at the hospital, and even more packing!

Like I say, I'm just musing; at least my life isn't boring!

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