Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Biker Chicks!

Sorry for lack of blogging lately, but things have been hectic round here with keeping Emily entertained and I've had a stinker of a head cold!

Emily had a lovely time in Scarborough with Grandma and Grandad and luckily the weather turned sunny just in time for them, so she got to spend lots of time on the beach building sandcastles and trying to dig to Australia!

On Monday we went to Ripon to see Ally and Elise and we had a lovely afternoon in the park, with the girls running through the paddling pool. Xander also dipped his toes in and thought that was great! Unfortunately, my cold was in full swing so I spent most of the day trying not to sneeze on anyone! Also couldn't cuddle Elise which was disappointing as we have some great snuggles!

Yesterday we had a day at home so went to the park, the shops and the library. Emily's really excited as we got her an audio book which we started listening to in the car. We got Roald Dahl's The Witches and she thinks it's hilarious!

Today we've been for a picnic in the park with my friends Jane and Maureen and their girls Jessica, Annabel and Alyssa. The girls all took their bikes (see pic) and had lots of fun riding round in circles while me, Maureen, Jane and Xander relaxed on a picnic rug! They then spent a good couple of hours in the playground and, I don't know about the other girls, but Emily's out like a light tonight!

Tomorrow we're going swimming, then on Friday we're nipping over the Pennines to see my friend Marie (the one of cupcake fame!!) and Gracie and Ewan. Emily's really excited about seeing Gracie and it'll be interesting to get Xander and Ewan together as they're both zooming around like billy-o so I think Marie and I will be kept on our feet!

So, busy busy busy! Looking forward to a sleep in September!!

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Marie said...

Shhhhhhh.... I haven't told Gracie you're coming, wait... she can't read yet. It's fine. As you were ;)

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

love M